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Raleigh Ritter for Missouri Governor


Vote Raleigh Ritter in the Republican Primary on August 4th


Times are tough: keep your money in your community and give us your support by sharing our message.


Right now things are financially tight for many Missourians, so I’m going to do something Political Candidates rarely do:

- I’m going to ask you to NOT donate money to my Campaign. Keep your funds for yourself and your family. Spend your money to help out local business. Do something good for someone else. Use it to build your small business.

What I will ask for — is something more important than money... Your support...
This Campaign needs the folks that support our message to share it throughout Missouri. You can really help and have an impact on August 4th by liking and following our Facebook Page and inviting your Friends to like and follow it as well. Using Social Media, word of mouth can win this election.

With your support we will win the Republican Primary on August 4th, the General Election on November 3rd, and in January of 2021 we will get Missouri going in the right direction.  


Raleigh Ritter


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About Raleigh Ritter

About Raleigh Ritter

About Raleigh Ritter


Proud Christian, Husband, Father, Rancher, and Businessman.

8th Generation Missourian

BA in Business from Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri  

Banking and Finance experience

V.P.   Ritter Rail Inc.    

NRA Life Member  -Since 2007

Lifelong Republican Voter and Supporter of President Trump

Key Issues

About Raleigh Ritter

About Raleigh Ritter


Economic Development: Bringing Business and Jobs to Missouri. We will work with existing business and encourage outside business to bring more Industry and Higher Paying jobs to Missouri. 

 The Second Amendment: Protecting Second Amendment Rights and supporting the Rights of Missourians to defend themselves as individuals. Raleigh Ritter will never support Red Flag Gun Laws and believes "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED," is a pretty clear guideline. 

Sanctity of Life: Pro Life and a firm believer that innocent life must be defended.

Agricuture: Standing up for Missouri Farmers and Ranchers and working with producers and processors to make sure each gets a fair deal. Supporting Origin labeling on all Agricultural products so consumers know where their food comes from.

Putting Missourians First: It's the Governors job to make sure the Citizens of the State are the top priority- not just Big Donors and Special Interests. 

Why Vote Ritter?

About Raleigh Ritter

Why Vote Ritter?



"I believe the Governor should be in Jefferson City to do one simple task- Represent the best interest and will of the people." --"That can only be achieved by following and defending the Missouri and U.S. Constitutions."---Raleigh Ritter

Raleigh Ritter is a staunch defender of your Right to Keep and Bear Arms and will never support Red Flag Laws or any backdoor Gun Confiscation schemes. 

He believes that innocent life must be defended and that  our Rights were endowed by our Creator not  Government.

Raleigh Ritter is a proven business leader that has invested his own money in Missouri and in his Community, created Jobs, Brought Back Businesses from Bankruptcy, and understands how business works.  

VOTE Ritter on August 4th in the Republican Primary --- Missouri is going to need a Governor that understands how to get our economy rolling again. 



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